Model Dog Competition

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Model Dog Grooming Competition entry fee ... contestant must provide their own Model Dog 

Model Dog Grooming Competition


General Information and Rules

Which Brand

Any brand of Model Dog may be used in this competition


All model dogs must be prepped, brushed out and ready for finishing prior to the start of the competition (members of the Australian Model Dog Team will be presenting seminars and workshops to assist you with this during our cruise) 

Prep allowed includes modification of eyes, ears, length of legs and or tail to best reflect your chosen breed .. no trimming of the coat or colouring during prep!

Entry Fee

$30 entry fee - the entry fees will be used for a cash prize fund … cash prizes will be determined by the number of entries 


Purebred Class 

Any purebred of your choosing, Dogs may be coloured with natural colours only to reflect your chosen breed,  judging will be based on profile, degree of difficulty and finish

Asian Fusion Class 

Showcase your Asian Styling and or Teddy Bear Trims, we encourage the use of bandanas, necklaces, bows, outfits and colour in this class to depict typical Asian Styling .. Judging will be based on finish and expression and must be an Asian inspired design 

Creative Class 

Let your creativity flow, we encourage colour, accessories etc the only limitation is your imagination… Judging will be based on creativity, technical difficulty and finish

Time allowed - 2hrs 30mins for all classes